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It is from the 30’s in the twentieth century that stainless steel began to be used in architecture, as the stainless steel has good anti-corrosion nature and excellent decoration nature, and is easy for cleaning and cheap for maintaining, and has a long life, and so on; now it is already widely used in buildings including residential building, city planning building, gymnasiums, parks, pleasure grounds and commercial buildings, etc. The steel type in use is mainly 0Cr18Ni9, under the damp seawater environment, use the 0Cr17Ni12Mo2,0Cr17 can also be used inside the house.

1. The application of stainless steel in constructing engineering
The application position of stainless steel in constructing engineering is shown in the following table:

The application of stainless steel in constructing engineering

Name of the part
Material brand
Roof , outer wall, pole hull, drip mold
Inner wall, ceiling, pillar
Window frame, door, shutter, balcony railing
Stairway (handle, side plate, anti-antiskid stair), grating
Door bolt, hinge, door frame, hardware
Floor (food processing, chemical processing workshop)
Elevator (inner wall, door, frames)
Side plate, footplate of escalator

2. Application example of stainless steel in architecture industry

In worldwide scale, stainless steel has been successfully used in many famous buildings, and the typical examples are shown in the following table:

Application example of stainless steel in architecture industry

Name of building
Used brand and the part in use
Application status
London Savoy Hotel (1929)
0Cr18Ni9, Canopy and wall decoration
Bright and beautiful up to now
Chrysler Edifice, (America, 1930)
1Cr18Ni9(302) Roof, external decoration
Two times of washing, maintaining excellent state
Lloyd’s Edifice (London)
0Cr17Ni12Mo2, External establishment cladding
As perfect as the initial
N.Y. Socony-Mobil Mansion
1Cr18Ni9(302), cladding
40 years later, as perfect as initial
Sydney seashore public railing
Finland Nokia Company workshop
0Cr17Ni12Mo2, Glass screen wall frame
Pirovano Mountain Town Hotel, ItalyPirovano Mountain Town Hotel, Italy
0Cr18Ni9, roof
Living establishment on oil drilling platform in Britain North Sea
Ultradom Gymnasium
0Cr18Ni9, Stainless steel air charge type long span roof
Toronto Royal Bank Edifice
0Cr18Ni9, Glass screen wall frame backplate
Hudomyo Auditorium, Japan
0Cr18Ni9, Supporting the roof structure with clay brick color
Paris Louvre Museum
0Cr17Ni12Mo2, Supporting glass structure, wire rod
0Cr22Ni13Mo5N, thin rod
17-4PH cast linking crunode
Perth Bell Tower
0Cr17Ni12Mo2, Railing of lookout platform
Thyssen Building, Germany
0Cr17Ni12Mo2, curtain wall
General Appliance Factory office building, America (Scheneetady City)
0Cr18Ni9, curtain wall
Perfect up to now, 54 years later
Stockholm Sphericity Theater (Sweden)
0Cr17Ni12Mo2, roof
Sydney Star City Casino
2205 Double phase steel, glass supporting structure
Patrons Twin Towers, Malaysia
Shanghai Jinmao Edifice
Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
2205 Double phase steel, roof
Stainless steel fire escape compartment
0Cr18Ni9 to make water tank as well as escape compartment
Swimming pool equipments
0Cr17Ni12Mo2, load bearing components
Sydney Opera House
0Cr17Ni12Mo2, the steel reinforcement and silk net substituting the carbon steel reinforcement which has 25 years of life span
Pittsburgh International Airport
Hot dipping Al-Sn alloy 0Cr19Ni9 for roof panel
Carnegie Mellon University Student Center
Hot dipping Pb-Sn alloy 0Cr19Ni9 for roof panel, wall panel
Harmonious Auditorium, Japan
Nickel plating 304 for roof panel
Tokyo Harumi Dock
British Waterloo Big Station
0Cr17Ni12Mo2, house roof
Florida Museum, America
0Cr19Ni9, making ball shape structure
Kansai International Airport, Japan
Science Museum Miyazaki City, Japanese
0Cr19Ni9, arc roof
Tokyo International Swimming Stadium, Japan
0Cr19Ni9, roof

3. The application of stainless steel in bridges, tunnels and landscapes.

Stainless steel has been successfully used in constructing bridge, tunnel projects, the life span of stainless steel bridge can be much higher than common steel bridge, and has more beautiful appearance. Besides, stainless steel reinforced concrete has been used in architecture infrastructure, its life span can be more than 100 years, 3 times of common reinforced concrete, and it is especially adaptable to the corrosive environment of the sea and cold season deicing salt. The typical application examples of stainless steel in bridges, tunnels, and reinforced concrete and landscape projects are shown in the following table:

The application examples of stainless steel in bridges, tunnels, and landscape projects

Material brand
Progreso Trestle, Mexico (1941)
0Cr18Ni9,steel reinforcement (φ30mm)
Perfect up to now
Bilbao Abandoibarradd Bridge, Spain
2205 double phase stainless steel
York Millennium Bridge, Britain
2205 double phase stainless steel arched bean and sling
Engelberg Tunnel of Leonberg High Way, Germany
1925hMo(00Cr20Ni25Mo6N) Flue, fan, fire prevention water pipe, bracket, fixing equipment for illumination, doors
Auckland power transmission tunnel, New Zealand
0Cr18Ni9,Electric wire bracket, spray device
0Cr17Ni12Mo2, Anchor bolt implanted in concrete wall
Hamburg Footbridge, German (lifting)
God and Rainbow, Stockholm
The spring at the north end of Olympic Street, Australia
0Cr17Ni12Mo2 Water nozzle, taper cylinderWater nozzle, taper cylinder
Torch tower seat of Mingmin Open Air Stadium, Japan (1991)
Park sculpture “Flower Grace”, Fuchu City, Japan
0Cr18Ni9 mirror face panel
Tokyo Bay Artificial Island Cenotaph, Japan
City long bench, Kawasaki, Japan
0Cr18Ni9 polishing
Sculpture, Barcelona, Spain
Rectangle stainless steel pipe

Apart from that the above stainless steel is used in edifices, bridges, landscape projects, there are other objects like components for reinforcing architecture, stone anchoring objects and large sums of fastening pieces which also are composed of stainless steel, the main brands are 0Cr18Ni9,0Cr17Ni12Mo2 and 0Cr17, etc. E.g. in American California, the 0Cr17Ni12Mo12 stainless steel anchoring piece that is 9 meters long is used to reinforce the clay bank.
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